1.1 Charlie Kingston moves to Aurora Skies

Screenshot-604It was a late afternoon when Charlie Kingston arrived at his new home in Aurora Skies. He desided to move to this little city a while after his graduation. It was not because he didn’t like his parents, but he wanted to create a new life of his own.

Screenshot-594He had been able to get his hands on a beautiful huge lot by the ocean. The view was amazing! Unfortunaly, it had cost him almost all his saved money to buy it. Now he only had §1300 left, and he knew it wouldn’t buy him much.

Screenshot-599And his was right. He build up four walls and a roof to be able to get away from the heat, after all, it was in the middle of summer. He also found a bed on a flee market.  He had some money left, but it wasn’t enough to buy him a fridge or even a toilet.

Screenshot-602Even though his situation seemed really bad, he was excited to begin his new life. While he laid down on his new bed, he thought about all the things he wanted to do. He wanted to get a job in the buissnes career and work his way up to become a CEO. Also, he wanted to have his own garden. But the garden could wait, he thought. It would be wierd to have a big garden to this so called house.

Screenshot-605Full of excitement, he went to a garden he had seen passing by with the cab. It was so beautiful! There were a lot of plants and flowers and trees. Charlie was overwhelmed. This was a perfect place for him.

Screenshot-610In the little house next to the garden, he met a young woman named Martina. He asked her about te garden, and if it was okay to try som gardening.
“Why, yes of course” she replied and smiled. “The garden is for everty one in town.”
“Wow!” Charlie stayed and chatted with Martina for a while. When it was time for her to go, Charlie went out back to the garden.

Screenshot-614He immediately started havest the different plants and trees. Apples, tomatoes, grapes, limes. There were all kind of fruits and vegetables in this garden.
This is perfect, he thought, Now I have stuff to eat tonight!

Screenshot-615He continued to harvest and watering the garden while the sun started to set. After a while he realized how hungry he was, and how durty he had become sitting in the mud and digging with his hands.

Screenshot-630He brought out one of the apples he had put in his bag and took a bite. It tasted really good! While eating his apple, Charlie thought about where he could take a shower. The gym could have a shower, he figured and started walking.

Screenshot-631Disappointment. The gym didn’t have a shower. However, he stayed for a while chatting with a man he met there. His name was Johan and he kept talking about his job. This reminded Charlie, he hadn’t got a job yet! He said goodbye to Johan and went back to his little house.

Screenshot-635In the paper, that the deliver boy had given him right before he left to the garden, he found what he was looking for. A job in the buissnes career! Allthough it was a job as a “Coffee Courier” he called the number on the bottom of the ad, and they gave him the job! He could start the next morning. Charle was very happy when he went to bed. That night he dreamed about his future garden and his new job.


3 responses to “1.1 Charlie Kingston moves to Aurora Skies

  1. Awesome, you started it in Aurora skies! Looking for
    ward to reading more.

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