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1.3 The first meeting

Screenshot-660It didn’t take long for him to get to the park where the festival was held. As it still was quite early, there weren’t much people there yet.

Screenshot-787Charlie felt his stomack rumbling and remember he hadn’t eaten something yet! He went by the stand and bought a hot dog. After he finished that small but filling meal, he saw the ice cream stand. He hadn’t tasted ice cream for a long time so he felt a bit excited when he decited to try one for dessert. He went with strawberry flavour and it tasted delicious!

Screenshot-792While he waited for more people to arrive he decided to practice some soccer. He had actualle been pretty good at it when he was a kid, around 8-9 years old. But later when he became a teenager, he started to find things like gardening much more interesting.

Screenshot-797The sun started to set and a eating contest was about to start. “Oh, free food” Charlie thought to himself and laught a little. Of course he wanted to enter the competition so he lined up with the other three.

Screenshot-804It was much toughter than he thought it would be! He almost choked on the hot dogs a couple of times and he hadn’t even eaten half of the food on his plate when the man next to him finished.

Screenshot-805Fortunately, Charlie isn’t a bad looser and he congratulated his opponent afterwards. The man was very polite and the two of them chatted for a while. Then the man said goodbye. He had to go home to his family. A family. Right. One of Charlies greatest dreams: To get his own family and rais his own kids.

Screenshot-809He tried to shake of the sad feeling that had popped up inside him. He met a lovely lady next to the skating rink. She was very nice and Charlie forgot his worries for a moment. Her name was Elin and was married to Johan, the man Charlie met at the gym.
“Oh, my husband mentioned you” she said and smiled. “You are new here, right? Welcome to Aurora Skies”.
“Thank you” Charlie smiled back. They chatted for a while. Then Charlie felt for another snack, so he excused himself and headed to the food stall.

Screenshot-820On his way over to grab a plate of fries, he stopped. In front of him he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen! His legs started moving forward to the woman without him beeing fully aware of it. When he stopped right next to her he couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Screenshot-811“Yes, can I help you with something?” The woman lookt at him with a little friendly smile at her face. Finaly Charlie pulled himself together.
“Hi! My name is Charlie and I’m new in town” he said and smiled back. “I just wanted to introduce my self.”
“Oh, hi Charlie! Nice to meet you”. They shook hands and the woman introduced herself as Fjord. “I’ve head that someone new moved in at the lakeside” Charlie couldn’t have imagine how fast rumors spread in a small town as Aorura Skies.

Screenshot-821Fjord proved to be a very excitable and she was really passionate about her career. She worked in the muic buissnes as a background singer, and loved it. They talked for a long time. About his move to the town, her job, his job, the public garden, art, music. Yeah, about a lot of random stuff. Screenshot-823During the whole time, Charlie couldn’t stop staring into her beautiful eyes. He felt all warm inside, despite the cold evning air. But as the night went on, he didn’t said anything to Fjord. He didn’t even attempt to flirt with her.


1.2 The day off

Screenshot-646The next day Charlie woke up early, still dirty from the day before since he hadn’t found somewhere to wash himself. He took another of the fruits from his bag for breakfast. What would the people on his new job think about him if he showed up like this?

Screenshot-649Well, it wasn’t much he could do about it and soon the carpool came to pick him up. They stopped at a huge building. Charlie was directed to the third floor for an introduction with his boss. The day went by smoothly, and noone seemed to notice the smell that surrounded him.

Screenshot-650When the first day finaly was over, Charlie was exhausted and still smelled like rotten eggs. But with today’s paycheck, he could afford a shower! He hurried to buy one and then went straight back home to try it out.

Screenshot-653The shower didn’t fit inside his small house so he put it on the back side. Even though a lot of cars went by while he stood in the shower, noone did even notice him standing there. And though his shower was a very public one, he still thought it was the greatest one he had ever taken.

Screenshot-655After that wonderfull shower, Charlie started missing the garden he had been to yesterday. Unfortunaly, it was a bit too late to visit it again. He had to get up early for work tomorrow after all. Then he came to think about the fruits in his bag. He could plant one of them and starting his own small garden!

Screenshot-656When he had planted som tomatoes and apples, it was completly dark. Charlie went straight to bed and fell asleep with a smile on his face.

Screenshot-658The following weeks went by as usual. He woke up, got dressed and went to work. All his hard work had payed off. He had been promoted to Executive Assistant. When he came home at the evening he usually got rid of the weed and talked to the plants, or read the paper. He didn’t felt lonely actually, but sometimes he just missed someone to talk to. He tried to call a couple of people from work, but they had their own lifes and didn’t felt like talking to him for more than a couple of minutes.

Screenshot-775And then it came. His day off. He didn’t had anything special planned for the day. But when i woke up and took his morning shower, still outdoors, he thought it would be nice to take a trip to the local fishing spot and try his luck.

Screenshot-776Charlie was stunned how beautiful the lake and fishing spot were. The whole place looked like a post card, with the blue water, the mountains and waterfall gave the area a calming sound of purling.

Screenshot-780He pulled up his fishing rod he had taken with him when he moved to Aurora Skies. It was very quiet around him and the stillness had a soothing influence on Charlie.

Screenshot-781When the fish wasn’t biting by the fishingspot, he moved over to the lake instead. There were a light fog on the lake and he could spot some houses on the other side. Suddenly, he the loneliness struck him. It was like a hit in the face and he started feeling a bit sad. He really wanted to get to know somebody. To get a friend.

Screenshot-783Then he came to remember the festival his co-workers had talked about a while ago, and that it started today.  With a great determination he put away his rod and started jogging to the park in hope of meeting someone new.

1.1 Charlie Kingston moves to Aurora Skies

Screenshot-604It was a late afternoon when Charlie Kingston arrived at his new home in Aurora Skies. He desided to move to this little city a while after his graduation. It was not because he didn’t like his parents, but he wanted to create a new life of his own.

Screenshot-594He had been able to get his hands on a beautiful huge lot by the ocean. The view was amazing! Unfortunaly, it had cost him almost all his saved money to buy it. Now he only had §1300 left, and he knew it wouldn’t buy him much.

Screenshot-599And his was right. He build up four walls and a roof to be able to get away from the heat, after all, it was in the middle of summer. He also found a bed on a flee market.  He had some money left, but it wasn’t enough to buy him a fridge or even a toilet.

Screenshot-602Even though his situation seemed really bad, he was excited to begin his new life. While he laid down on his new bed, he thought about all the things he wanted to do. He wanted to get a job in the buissnes career and work his way up to become a CEO. Also, he wanted to have his own garden. But the garden could wait, he thought. It would be wierd to have a big garden to this so called house.

Screenshot-605Full of excitement, he went to a garden he had seen passing by with the cab. It was so beautiful! There were a lot of plants and flowers and trees. Charlie was overwhelmed. This was a perfect place for him.

Screenshot-610In the little house next to the garden, he met a young woman named Martina. He asked her about te garden, and if it was okay to try som gardening.
“Why, yes of course” she replied and smiled. “The garden is for everty one in town.”
“Wow!” Charlie stayed and chatted with Martina for a while. When it was time for her to go, Charlie went out back to the garden.

Screenshot-614He immediately started havest the different plants and trees. Apples, tomatoes, grapes, limes. There were all kind of fruits and vegetables in this garden.
This is perfect, he thought, Now I have stuff to eat tonight!

Screenshot-615He continued to harvest and watering the garden while the sun started to set. After a while he realized how hungry he was, and how durty he had become sitting in the mud and digging with his hands.

Screenshot-630He brought out one of the apples he had put in his bag and took a bite. It tasted really good! While eating his apple, Charlie thought about where he could take a shower. The gym could have a shower, he figured and started walking.

Screenshot-631Disappointment. The gym didn’t have a shower. However, he stayed for a while chatting with a man he met there. His name was Johan and he kept talking about his job. This reminded Charlie, he hadn’t got a job yet! He said goodbye to Johan and went back to his little house.

Screenshot-635In the paper, that the deliver boy had given him right before he left to the garden, he found what he was looking for. A job in the buissnes career! Allthough it was a job as a “Coffee Courier” he called the number on the bottom of the ad, and they gave him the job! He could start the next morning. Charle was very happy when he went to bed. That night he dreamed about his future garden and his new job.