Legacy rules

General legacy rules
I’m guessing most of you who visit my blog know what a legacy challange is. For you who dont’t, i’ll try to explaint it as simple and short as I can.

So, a the Sims 3 legacy challange starts with a founder that will have a humble start, and the main goal is to reach 10 generations. On the way to make the family more succesfull and reaching that 10th generation, there is a scoring system that will make it possible to score the whole legacy. You start of with a new game file and create a sim. It can be a man or a woman, and he/she can have whatever traits you want! Then you place the sim on the largest plot you can. That’s because 1. You are not supposed to move, and with a large plot, you can build a big house in the end, and 2. You are supposed to have as little money in the beginning as possible. And one more thing, cheating is forbidden! All types of cheating that is, except for cheats as resetsim and other for fixing the game when it’s going crazy (which Sims is pretty good at sometimes).

My legacy rules
– No cheating (of course)
– I do use a couple of mods though. But none of them counts as cheating as they don’t make the game easier for me in any way.
may use poseplayer to take pictrures of my sims
– I collect points and keep score of the family
– I randomize the childrens traits
– I only choose life time whishes that the game suggests
– I may not affect the sex of the children
– My founder may marry a rich sim
– My sims can not become celebrities
– The heir can not be a supernatural creature

Note: My own rules can change during the legacy


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